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Rakes for Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

The majority of lawn rakes need to be light weight with ‘gentle’ teeth in order to prevent damaging established lawns, which makes our polypropylene range ideal. 

However, lawns that require maintenance will benefit from specifically designed steel rakes such as the 27S.

26 YP

This dual purpose lightweight rake is designed specifically for leaf collecting and lawn grooming, whilst minimsing damage to the grass.

27 S

Ideal for groundsmen needing to scart tilth and repair heavily trafficked hard packed and worn grass areas.

32 P

This rake has curved teeth and a set of secondary teeth that run at 90 degrees from the top of the teeth, allowing easier collection and removal...

48 P

This rake is very similar in design to the 32P, with same benefits, only it is 350mm wider, making it ideal for use in larger areas.

21 L

The wider, flatter flexible teeth make this rake ideal for smaller lawns where shorter finer grass is maintained.

16 P

A replica of the original hay rake only lighter, stonger and more flexible usage. Can be used for soil, gravel,grass & leaves.

16 P Short Tooth

A replica of the original hay rake only lighter, stonger and more flexible usage. Short Tooth variant of 16 P.

24 P

This rake is similar to the 16P only it’s 350mm wider and without the back edge. 

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